Consulting Services

I will be your music marketing coach and consultant

Hi music creators, I’m Walter, a music marketing coach with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. I offer coaching sessions to artist, bands, and startup labels. I believe in the independence of artists, and it is my goal to help you achieve it!

My holistic approach and integrated strategy to digital music marketing will empower you to achieve your maximum potential quicker. Learn to succeed in the noisy world of music, with my quick and easy “CLIMB” method:

1. Connect

2. Leverage

3. Integrate

4. Manage

5. Build

I’m a full-stack music marketing allrounder: I offer coaching and consulting sessions, but I also create tools most musicians, bands and labels need to succeed in the digital world. I micromanage many aspects of music creation & marketing from webdesign, development, graphic design, banners, cover art, print design to mixing, mastering and more. I also offer in-depth and hands-on tutorials for many marketing tools in use today.

Check out optional items, including my “Future in Music” session, with an introduction on how AI, Web3 and the coming metaverse can create new opportunities for your music.

Are you ready to “CLIMB”?

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