How to add a single or album to your website

Your website includes a very powerful feature, which allows you to easily add a single or album to your website. The presentation of your discography is automated in the front-end, so you don’t have to worry about coding or design. With WordPress custom-post types, you can store your singles and albums in your own database, making it easy for you to manage your music portfolio.

To add a single or album to your music website, follow these 9 simple steps below:

1.) Login to your WordPress dashboard. The URL link and login credentials for your website are included in the manual I send you when delivering the website.

2.) In your dashboard, click on “Albums” in the left side menu.

3.) Click add “new album”.

4.) Fill out the form.

5.) Make sure to add your cover art design to the feature image section (which can be found in the “Feature Image” section on the left side menu). The image should be 500 x 500px dimension or default cover ratio 1:1 (no larger than 1000px). TIP: When you order cover art from a designer, make sure to ask for 500px, 400px, 1000px, 1600px and 3000px versions. The first three come in handy for use on your website, while the last two larger formats are great for MP3 tagging and mandatory for digital distribution. On this website, 500px is used in “Album” section, 400px is used for the banner animation on the start page and 1000px is used for the blog image.

6.) You can also add button labels and links (to add URL button links to music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc). Where it says LABEL add your button label name (example: “Spotify”), where it says URL add the link to your album (example:

7.) At the bottom of the web form, you can add an embedded music player. That is where you would paste the player embed-code from either Soundcloud, Spotify or Apple Music. Make sure to change width and length in the embed code to 500 (where it says width and height).

8.) Click save.

9.) Go to your website frontend, reload the website in your browser, go to Music page. Your new album will appear in the single / album slider.