How to add or edit your artist portraits

You can easily add, edit, or delete your artist or band portraits and photos on your website. In WordPress, all media is added in the “Media Library” section. So before adding any media (images, videos, documents) to your website, you should upload them to your Media Library which can be found on the left side menu in your WordPress dashboard.

1.) First, resize your image: For blog images or artist portraits, the recommended image pixel width is 1000px. There are many online services that do that for you, simple google “image resizer”. For blog / news or portrait images, only the width matters, the height can vary.

2.) Upload your image to the media library; you will find the link in the WordPress dashboard (left side-menu).

3.) To add, edit or delete an artist photo in the photo gallery on the “About” page, look for the “FooGallery” link in your WordPress dashboard and click the plus + sign.

4.) To change an image in your news section, go to “News” in your WordPress dashboard, edit the relevant blog post and look for the “Featured Image” section which can be found on the right side-menu.

5.) To change your cover art image on your album page, click on the “Album” link in your WordPress dashboard, and then on the relevant album. The cover art can be in the “Featured Image” section on the right side-menu. Make sure to collapse “Featured Image” section in case it is not open. Tip: The cover art always needs to be in perfect 1:1 ratio, preferably 500px width and 500px height. Ask your graphic designer to send you the 500px version or look for an image resizer service online.

Tip: Avoid adding, editing, or changing images in your “Pages” section, as this can break your layout design. The website is designed in such a way that you can change all content items in custom post-types (form-based database entries). Except for very rare cases, you should not need to go into the “pages” sections. Albums are added in the “album” section, release notification and news blogposts are added in the “News” section. Images are added to the media gallery and then added via “FooGallery” or “Featured Image” section to the relevant blog posts.