Mixing & Mastering

You just finished your new album or have a great song that needs the final touch? Look no further! I can bring your song up to par with industry standards and make it stand out among the competition! I will professionally master your songs for digital distribution on major music platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon) and optimize your songs for physical distribution on CDs. 

I use both analog gear and some of the finest digital software in the industry! 

  • My mastering includes:
  • EQ (corrective, multiband, dynamic)
  • Compression (multiband, glue, digital, analog)
  • Stereo width & imaging
  • Saturation (digital / analog / real tape)
  • Effects
  • Special mojo & magic formula
  • Limiting / Maximizing

Optional: Song restoration, click removal, noise reduction, in-depth referencing, normalization to broadcast save levels and more. 

You can supply your songs in WAV, AIFF (preferred) or MP3 (320 kbps). Please provide -6 to -3 dB headroom on mix-downs.

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