Music Marketing and Creative Services.

I offer many creative marketing tools and services to the music industry, including cover art design, CD label and packaging (incl vinyl and audio cassette), logo design, web design, copy texts, mixing and mastering, PR and marketing consulting and more.

Our web design package is currently exclusively sold through Fiverr, our trusted partner of choice. The website comes in three easy to order packages: Premium, Standard and Basic.

Here are some suggestions that will help you decide which gig version is best for you: The number of site pages is only one aspect you should look at. This does play a role, but the main difference is the various functions your website can perform. When determining which gig version to get (Basic, Standard or Premium), ask yourself the following:

1.) Do I want to embed more than one song / album player (with all social music links)? Do I want to embed YouTube video(s)? If the answer is yes, consider as a minimum requirement my “Standard Gig”.

2.) Would you like visitors to sign-up, become a fan or subscribe to notifications? Do you want to sell digital music and merch online? Would you also like to play unpublished songs? Need up to 6 video embeds? If the answer for any of these is yes, then you are best served with my “Premium Gig”.

Also make sure to check out my optional gig items, which you can find under “Show more Extras” when you place your order. Some optional items include SEO (AI based search engine optimization), video background banner, optional content items and more.

I also offer third party print-on-demand and dropshipping integration for automating merch sales (you will need my extra “Printify Integration” and a free Printify account, which you can get here: )

If you need a label website with representation of multiple artists, please contact me first for custom offer, or order premium and add an “Xtra Content Package” option for each artist.

Upgrading and extending the functionality of your website will also be possible after I hand over the website, but it may come at a slightly higher price, as retrofitting a website might take longer to do.

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